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Xerox® Beyond CMYK

Lead with Xerox® Beyond CMYK

Upgrading Printing With Beyond CMYK

  • Expand Beyond CMYK:
    Beyond CMYK is a driving force in the marketplace that can help you grow faster and get noticed. Increasing innovation in print enhancement technologies lets you amplify a wide array of print jobs with stunning, business-driving digital specialty embellishments.
  • Expand Beyond CMYK with Proven Innovation:
    Specialty dry inks mean differentiation. Digital technologies open new opportunities for rich layering and eye-catching embellishments, all while maintaining digital print’s advantages-short runs, quick turnarounds, and high-impact personalization.
  • Expand Beyond CMYK with Metallic embellishments.
    Bring print to life with glittering golds, stunning silvers, and a virtually unlimited array of metallic + CMYK combinations.
  • Why do Metallic effects matter? Gold and Silver add sparkle and richness. Make an impression that says “high class” and “high value.” And, on the Xerox® Iridesse® Production Press, achieve iridescent metallic hues that no competitor can match by layering metallics with CMYK.
  • Expand Beyond CMYK with White Embellishments:
    Unlock new design potential with White on colored and transparent media.
  • Why do White effects matter? Darker media becomes your canvas. White underlays make other colors stand out. Xerox has even been recognized* for having benchmark brightness and opacity for the White Dry Ink on the iGen 5 Press.
  • Expand Beyond CMYK with Fluorescent embellishments:
    Infuse prints with eye-grabbing vibrancy and UV light-activated fluorescence. Why do Fluorescent effects matter? Posters pop off the wall. Safety signage demands attention. Direct mail catches the eye. Product packaging stands apart.
    Invisible watermarks are revealed under UV light.
  • Opportunity awaits. We’re here to help.
    Informed by a steady demand for print that differentiates and draws attention, Xerox has invested in developing a market-leading portfolio of Beyond CMYK print technologies, Specialty Dry Inks, and Toners that help you expand beyond commodity print.

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