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As your business grows, so can your printing needs. Left unmanaged, printing can quickly become inefficient and costly. Investing in a business printing solution – such as Managed Print Services or an All-In-One Printer, can help your business become more effective and, ultimately, save money.

Managed Print Service

Xerox Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services (MPS) encompass the entirety of your business’ printing needs, from document output to maintaining and servicing parts and software. Managed printing begins by fully analyzing the current business printing methods to identify areas of inefficiency. It then works to streamline the process to ensure optimum business printing performance, with the goal of saving your business both time and money. Using managed printing can also lower your environmental footprint, by cutting down on waste and can allow your business to keep information more secure by streamlining it into one location.

There are some cons to using managed printing, starting with the upfront costs involved. Properly streamlining your business printing may require new hardware or software. Also, having a central location for the printer requires employees to leave their desks more often, which could lead to reduced productivity. It’s important to evaluate upfront costs versus overall cost savings when considering switching to Managed Print Services.

All-in-One Printers

Xerox All-in-One Printers

All-in-One Printers

All-In-One Printer (AIOs) essentially combines multiple machines into one. Instead of having multiple machines to do functions like fax, scan, copy, and print, an All-In-One Printer can do all of it in one spot. Investing in an All-In-One Printer cuts down on clutter around the office and streamlines all your business printing needs into one, convenient, location. They are also more energy efficient because there is only one machine running at a time, instead of four.

The biggest disadvantage to an All-In-One Printer is the high initial cost. These machines can be quite expensive, but it’s because they can do multiple functions. As your business is looking into All-In-One Printers, look at the total cost of buying each machine individually (i.e., fax machine, printer, scanner, etc.) and compare that to the cost of an All-In-One Printer. Overcrowding can be another drawback. Having an All-In-One Printer means multiple employees may need to use it at once, but can’t, thus cutting down on productivity.

What to Look For

What to Look for in a Business

What to Look For

The first place to start when looking at either a Managed Print Service or an All-In-One Printer is to adequately identify your specific business printing needs. If your business, for instance, needs intricate printing, then an All-In-One Printer may not be for you. Since All-In-One Printers do multiple jobs, they have fewer selections per function. Most likely, the All-In-One Printer will do all actions on a basic level, without top-of-the line features.

When considering a Managed Print Service, investigate its customer service to ensure it is quick and reliable. Long issue resolution times can be costly and lead to low productivity. Also, establish strategies and style upfront to allow for a smooth working relationship.

Whether it’s a Managed Print Service or an All-In-One Printer, choosing to invest in your business printing needs can boost your business by making it more reliable, efficient, and cost-effective. Contact Pease Business Machines today to get information on how we can help you grow your business and manage it more efficiently!

Blog Post Written By Amy Sward

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