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Managed print serves one core purpose – to optimize any time, money, or efforts related to printing. Most businesses view printing as a simple task: you connect to the printer, you send a print job, and that’s it! Any experienced business will know, it’s easier said than done sometime and does not always go this way. Issues can arise and with a lack of experience troubleshooting these problems, mistakes can be made that can cost your business both extra time and money. Today we will look at a few common problems that unmanaged print can lead to in any business or field.

Xerox Printer Supplies

Xerox Printer Supplies by Pease Business Machines (PBM)

Printing Supplies and Ordering

Supply management and ordering can be quite the undertaking, especially for a business with multiple printing stations. Something as simple as ordering ink for a printer can become messy for someone who is unfamiliar with the variations and types of ink their printer calls for. This leads to incorrect, useless supplies being ordered that cannot serve any purpose to your printers. For most business owners, this mistake does not go corrected as some simply do not have time to submit for a refund, package the supplies again, and ship them back to the supplier. With managed print by PBM, we take care of all supply ordering to ensure the best and correct supplies are being ordered for your printers set to a schedule determined by your business’s usage. This prevents over-ordering, incorrect supply orders, and worst of all, running out of ink or paper when your business needs it most!

Xerox Printer Updates

Xerox Printer Updates and Security by Pease Business Machines (PBM)

Updates, Security, and Technical Problems

Keeping a print station updated can be just as essential for it to function as ink or paper can be. An unmanaged printer with outdated drivers and software can lead to a slew of problems down the road for any business. An outdated printer can lead to issues such as:

  • Connectivity Issues
  • Failed Print Jobs
  • Security Vulnerabilities
  • Unexpected Downtime

An outdated printer may have issues connecting to devices, especially wirelessly which most businesses rely on daily. This can lead to print jobs failing and time needing to be set aside for troubleshooting which can cause inconvenience not only to the business, but also to the clients who rely on printed information or invoices. Another major concern of an outdated printer is in how secure it is. A printer without the latest drivers and firmware is more susceptible to unauthorized access by users seeking to harm your business. This again can cause downtime, or even worse, a security breach on your business. PBM manages all of our client’s printers and devices keeping them up to date with the latest security and feature updates so your business can operate smoothly.

Overall, unmanaged printers are a gamble for any business that uses printing as an integral part of their services. Unexpected downtime or costs can become a burden on your business. Let PBM take control of managing your printers, so you don’t have to worry if the correct supplies were ordered and that your printers are up to date. Contact us for a free office consultation and we will review the best plan for your business at no cost to you!

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