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Pease Business Machines managed print services ease the hassles of document outputting in any size business by taking control of all aspects related to printing. Here are 6 benefits that managed print services by PBM can help your business grow:

1. Increased Efficiency

There’s a time and efficiency cost associated with printing. For some organizations with ad-hoc printers placed “wherever one is needed” and managing the supplies and technical issues that come with local printers that cost is substantial. Partnering with PBM simplifies your organizations printing process. We map out the most efficient placement of our Xerox printers and configure them to serve your users to meet their printing needs. From scanning to desktop, email, or file server – we can assist in creating a streamlined process for your business needs. We also manage all supplies, repairs and assist in any training you may need. As your printing partner we make sure your business benefits from a lower total cost of ownership while increasing the features and benefits of your printing system.

2. Flatline Printing Costs

Having predictable costs associated to your business tools will allow you to have a “no surprise” budget when it comes to your printing costs. No more repair bills, no more offline issues, no more lost productivity due to poor printer performance, no more “printers down! Which one?” issues that are a result of too many local and costly printers. We offer full-service solutions for our clients which will maximize your uptime while having predictable spending.

3. Partnership Rewards

Managed printing services with PBM doesn’t only include a partnership with PBM, it also means you will also be partnering with Xerox and their entire suite of tools and services. Allow us to consult with you and we can help identify the proper tools to assist with your operations. As a local small business, we’re invested in your success and will work diligently to prove this. These aren’t just words, it’s what we’re built on.

4. Automated Supply Delivery

Did you know that when you partner with us, if you’d like we can configure your Xerox to report when it’s close to needed supplies? With this proactive approach we can fill your supply order without you taking time to reach out to us and schedule an appointment. It’s like magic, just with technology.

5. Printer Security and Mobile Printing

Have remote users that need to print to an office printer? Need to secure your office printer? PBM can help with that! Xerox offers industry-leading security to ensure your printers always remain secure as well as convenient wireless printing capabilities so you can print from almost any device anywhere in your business. Contact us to schedule a meeting – we’d love to learn more about your business and see if PBM is a fit!

6. Decreased Waste

with managed print, we provide insight into printing habits and usage. This data can be used to identify wasteful printing practices. Additionally, Xerox business machines are extremely efficient. As we supply the toner for your machines within the agreement, we, like you don’t want to have wasteful machines that overuse toner. Monitoring that product use will help us identify any device that may be out of spec and replace.

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